About Us

The birth of a lucky charm doll that represents a company’s most endearing image.

Dolls are one of the best strategies for differentiating a company. When service homogeneity becomes too high, the company’s visibility, loyalty, perceived quality, and brand association become very important to the perceived difference of corporate brand image. In recent years, creative design has emerged and this trend conforms to the need of companies to differentiate themselves. Custom made corporate dolls have become a focal point in the doll design and manufacturing industry.

Now, companies can use lucky charm dolls to build a communication bridge with their customers. These dolls can significantly improve brand image and brand association, which can directly promote growth in revenue, profit and consumer value, as well as change consumer sentiment and ultimately build brand loyalty.

One and only: the best corporate spokesperson
我We are enthusiastic about innovation and work to pursue perfect works.

Providing the most professional opinion for your needs, we’d love to become partners in your success, making your one and only customized doll.

We convert your intangible corporate image into a tangible product
so that your customers can always see your company’s corporate image and value through peripheral products.


Swimming Sun
Cartoon Fox
Core Value

Turn the corporate image into valuable products.

Let clients can remember and understand

your corporate image and value.